Our Services

Here are some of our services.

We work in partnership with Social Services, Community Mental Health Teams (CMHT) and Supporting People within leading Local Authorities across London and the South of England offering high quality supported housing for vulnerable adults who are:

  • aged between 18-70 with recognised mental health needs and learning disabilities
  • individuals recovering from substance/alcohol misuse and other complex needs
  • individuals ready to be discharged from psychiatric wards
  • vulnerable adults living in the community in crisis
  • private referrals from GPs and families
  • To prepare our service users towards independent living, we have a holistic approach which involves social workers, psychiatrists, GPs, care workers, advocates and their extended families.
Specifically, the services we offer through qualified and experienced staff, cover our three-tier 'move on' programme, high, medium, and floating (low level) support needs, from 24 hours a day to one hour a week. Additionally we also now provide intensive 1:1 support 24 hours per day.

We offer a one stop shop, "A complete solution to supported living" covering a full range of services:

Supported Housing
Crisis Unit - We Services manages small units where a person is able to stay for up to three days if they have a crisis in their own home. Their needs will then be assessed for suitable placement in hospital, residential care, supported accommodation or independent living.
Intensive Support – This is a service for high need service users who require one-to-one 24-hour support.

Respite Care – These projects provide short-term supported accommodation for people who may be temporarily unable to care for themselves at home, or giving a short break to carers.

Counselling and Therapeutic Services - We provide culture specific counselling offering emotional support, counselling and advice.

Rehabilitation in the Community – We provide the ideal environment for rehabilitation, teaching skills to enable service users to live successfully in the community.

We offer a tailored solution to Services Users referred us. This allows other professionals and families to help us design the support plans to ensure the best outcomes for the service users in our care.

There is a great variety of supported housing and residential care available and different types of accommodation suit different levels of need. These vary from intensive high need support to floating support.

We offer a full range of services covering:

  • Intensive 1:1 support
  • High needs
  • Medium needs
  • Low needs
  • Floating
  • Respite
  • Domiciliary care
  • Managing Personal budgets
  • Learning and development centre
  • Employment services
  • Counselling and therapeutic services
  • Specialist Services
  • Crisis
  • We provide a three-tier support programme allowing the services users to gain confidence and develop independent skills to move to move to independent living while providing continuity of care.
  • Intensive Care Services
    We provide intensive support care packages for those service users that have challenging needs/behaviour in the community.

    These support packages can range from:

  • 2:1 support 24 hours a day
  • Independent accommodation with 1:1 staff 24 hours per day
  • A small 4 bed group home with staff onsite 24 hours per day.
  • The support packages are tailored to each individuals needs, supported by specialist trained staff to manage the SU’s needs and risks in the community.

  • SU's are monitored closely
    We also work very closely with multidisciplinary teams to ensure any service users that are on CTO’s or have a forensic history are managed in the most appropriate way.

    We offer highly individualised and tailored care packages for service users who do not need the physical security of an inpatient facility but do require support caring for themselves in the community thus reducing the likelihood of relapse. The comprehensive care package includes psychological support and occupational therapy within a framework of bespoke risk management strategies directed by a NHS consultant psychiatrist (who may be the service users Responsible Clinician whilst in the community).

    The service provides rehabilitation in the individual’s chosen home destination thus eliminating the stress of moving. Service users will be referred from a range of inpatient facilities, thus freeing beds in line with government targets. PCTs and Clinical Professionals trust We to Provide Intensive Community Rehabilitation for patients being discharged from Psychiatric Hospitals into the community.

    We are the leading specialist provider of an individually tailored community based psychiatric rehabilitation service, which is provided in the client’s own home in the South East. A comprehensive community mental health recovery program within the service users own home providing bespoke risk management for complex needs, ensuring choice & empowerment.

    We have a bespoke "search and select" property team who have a National Contact Framework of Social Landlords, enabling us to secure tenancies for most service users. All too often patients return to these inpatient services time and time again due to the lack of post discharge support and guidance. In short, the lack of direction in patients’ lives leads them into the "revolving door" syndrome of admission, treatment, stabilization and discharge.

    This "Pathway" should reflect each patient’s journey towards recovery and should encompass a range of milestone achievements along the way. Our Services are geared to provide a positive direction to patient recovery in their own homes.

    Daily Living Skills

    Daily living comprising learning and developing a sense of structure and routine which enables each service user to plan his or her day for maximum benefit. Providing comfort and security which, in turn, fosters a sense of well-being.

    Routine and Structure:

  • getting up on time and making their bed
  • personal hygiene
  • getting dressed
  • preparing meals
  • support with benefits
  • handling cash and banking
  • budgeting
  • shopping
  • cooking and washing-up
  • laundry, ironing and storing clothes
  • verbal and written skills
  • Social Skills

    Our Services staff also focus on helping service users (all Cases) develop their social skills such as such as managing relationships, how to dress and behave appropriately, assertiveness, health and well being, outdoor activities and managing drugs and alcohol use (safe limits and recovery programmes).

    Our Services staff work closely with each service users to help them learn these essential social skills to equip them and give them confidence for day to day living.

    These include:

  • Assertiveness (protection against vulnerability and abuse)
  • Confidence building
  • Going out and about
  • Dressing for the occasion
  • Communication Skills
  • Appropriate behaviour (according to needs)
  • Managing alcohol and drug use (safe limits and recovery programmes)
  • Health and well being
  • Managing Relationships (family and professionals)
  • Employment Services

    Our specialists spend time discussing and supporting educational needs and potential employment opportunities with each service user, helping them gain the motivation and skills to move as quickly as possible towards an integrated and rewarding life.

    We provide an employment service through its dedicated specialist employment officer who works in partnership with local business and government to find voluntary and paid employment once a service user is motivated and confident in returning to work. We specialise in utilising government schemes to ensure that service users can continue to receive financial support and assistance while building their confidence to take up full time paid employment.

    We also work in partnership with local authorities services such as "Shaw Trust", and local education establishments and Learn Direct to deliver tailored educational programmes to suit individual service user's needs.

    Floating Support

    We offers floating support for people living independently who still require a low level of support. The support provided is flexible and can vary from one hour a week upwards.

    This type of accommodation would consist of individual fully furnished self contained flats where we would provide practical support with maintaining tenancies, monitoring mental health and medication, managing budgets, ensuring rent and bills are paid, ensuring daily living skills and emotional support needs are met.

    Personal Budget

    The personalisation agenda means a major shift in the way most care and support providers approach service development and delivery. At Independence Home and Domiciliary Care Services personalisation has always been at the core of our service.

    Our approach focuses on individual rights, user empowerment, the right for people to control their own lives, and improved quality of services created by providing choice. The continued focus on personalisation of care recognises that people are experts in their own lives and therefore best placed to make choices for themselves.

    We addres personalisation and personal budgets by:

  • Assessing individual requirements by face to face meetings
  • Developing a personalised care plan with the service users requirements
  • Providing flexibility in the delivery of the care plan and match support workers to the service users
  • Match local area worker who is familiar with local services in order to provide the quality and continuity of care that you would expect
  • Paying particular attention to cultural and religious needs
  • Fully functioning activity programme to cater for all interests
  • Provide value for money so you get more support for your budget
  • Working around service users not internal systems and processes
  • Support infrastructure to ensure a swift response to changes
  • A large part of this relatively new approach has seen the spread of the use of direct payments and individual budgets. This is giving service users control of their budget and enabling them to purchase services from their choice of provider.

  • The bottom line is we make it easy for service users to continue to enjoy hobbies and interest and fulfil their lives completely while delivering the support that is required.

    Call us now if you have been assigned a personal budget to see how we can provide a personalised service.

    Refer A Client

    We work closely with Community Mental Health Teams and other professionals working in local hospitals with specialised units, to effect a discharge into our service.

    Our referral criteria would include:

  • background history;
  • care plan;
  • current risk assessment.
  • Once this is received, we will arrange to jointly assess the service user’s needs. If the service user fits our criteria, the service user will be invited to visit the proposed home to meet the staff and other residents and to view their accommodation. Once the service user has agreed to move into one of our homes, and we have provided costings and Social Services has agreed the funding, we will arrange their move accordingly.