Some of our very special services

Daily Living Skills

The include actively working with and supporting our clients in developing vital life-skills. Our focus is on getting them to develop a strong sense of structure, usable and flexible routines, positive social skills, self-esteem, responsibility and many competencies. This is all achieved in a very secure, loving and caring environment which also has security and client wellbeing at its core.

Social Skills

Our services staff are also dedicated to helping our service users to develop strong and effective social skills. These abilities include: managing relationships, how to dress and behave appropriately, assertiveness, taking an active interest in health and wellbeing, and managing drugs and alcohol use (safe limits and recovery programmes).

Employment Services

We provide each service user with tailored information and support about educational and employment opportunities. We believe that this approach has the potential to foster a greater awareness and motivation in each individual. The objective being that each person moves as quickly and conveniently as possible towards living an integrated and wholesome life.

Floating Support

We offer floating support for people seeking to live independently who still require low level assistance. The help provided is flexible, person-centred and all-encompassing.